Curaçao Youth Championship

Training and National Championship Curaçao 

The journey was a bit longer this time but less stressful. Of course I would have loved to bring sailors from Europe again or kids from Dubai but it wasn’t meant to happen due to other obligations. The local kids got some nice competition from Canada, Aruba and Colombia, though.

Martin’s work from last year got taken up by Fede and those two guys did a great job getting those sailors quicker and quicker.

For the training we split the work. Meaning that on Sunday/Monday I took care of the A sailors and on Tuesday/Wednesday I worked with the upcoming B sailors.

The week was even windier that the previous year and I am quite sure it never was much below 20 knots in Caracas Baai. Despite the high wind we trained the mornings in the Baai. After starts, tactics and decision making were the top topics.
For the start trainings I choose the small harbor which proofed to be a great spot just around the corner.

With the B sailors I have dedicated one day to boat handling. The strong wind and waves in the Baai were ideal for that – although they had to work really hard. Being a smaller group we worked a lot with on board cameras and had detailed video debriefs. The afternoon was again dedicated to starts in the small harbor.

On the last day of training we stayed in Spaanse Water – the place where they races will be held due to strong winds. The wind, obviously was still blowing but the waves were not as big. Great conditions for the kids to improve hiking, sailing and bailing and depowering.

After a well deserved rest day the races started on Friday. During the 3 days of racing, A class sailed 12 races, Opti B 10 and Lasers 10 races – even the YSCO class raced in the morning. Racing on Spaanse Water gave us the opportunity to have lunch at Santa Barbara (the other days we went to our home base!)

In both Opti A and B the top spots were hard fought after and the sailors were not giving each other any presents. In the end there are only three points between winner and third (which was on same points as the second). That shows how close the racing was on all three days.

Congratulations to Bas (A) and Jayson for their victory! But heads off to all the kids who raced in these demanding conditions. It was great to see the improvement some have made in just one year and I keep my fingers crossed for the upcoming big events – and of course I hope to see some at one or the other event (quite sure, I will 🙂

Thank you so much Van der Guliks for the hospitality. Again I have enjoyed Curaçao a great time!


Fair winds



After last years success Optimist-Academy and YSCO cooperate once more!

Together with the Optimist class of Curaçao is organizing a high level clinic and coaching during the Youth Championships.

Curaçao offers great conditions during this time of the year and a strong winds ans waves make for great training.539532_144830805678576_1836121431_n-2

07-10 Training
11 Lay-Day
12-14 Regatta

In order to further enhance the international friendship amongst sailors we have organized the possibility for sailors to travel alone (or with me) to Curaçao and stay with local sailors families. Besides the flight ticket the costs will only be about USD 900 (including charter, accommodation, regatta fee, coaching etc.)

Questions? Do you want to sign up? Just send an email…

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